Former big sister of fellow Retar Crew member JQ, “G” (Gabriella) underwent sex change surgery in spring of ’03 in Hollywood, California after finding out, as he put it, “Dudes get all the good parts in movies.” Upon completion of his sixth porno film, “he” decided to return to being a “she.” After a botched surgery, G joined the freakshow, Jim Rose Circus, and had a brief and tumultuous marriage with that chick who shoots blue paint out of her ass. Fortunately for him there was no prenuptial agreement, and G took half of her estate and has been living off of divorce settlement money for over two years. He lives in a trailer and has no real expenses except for his marijuana habit. He would like to add that he purchases all of his weed legally with a medical card which he obtained from a doctor. He was diagnosed with “lack of focus and insomnia– or i don’t know man, i just need to get high, bro. Gimme the fuckin card!”