Jackson D is from the cornfields of Iowa. At an early age, he was taught that “city folk ain’t to be trifled with” — and that was just referring to folks in Iowa City. Thus began Jackson’s obsession with cities and urban lifestyle, naturally giving him a deep appreciation and love for hip hop. He knew he had to make his way to the big city of Chicago. Finally, in exchange for a joint, he got a ride with a scout for the Chicago Cubs who was on his way back after a farm team game. The scout kicked him out of the car after realizing that the joint he smoked, which Jackson claimed “just takes a while to kick in,” was actually filled with oregano. Stranded in Bettendorf, he made his way across the state line and to the Windy City on foot. When he finally arrived, a chance encounter with a high-profile casting director at a downtown newsstand landed him the role of Harriet Tubman in the forthcoming summer blockbuster, Big Action Celebrity Car Chase 3.