P.O. was born and raised in Decatur, Georgia and is the son of a preacher man. Following in his father’s footsteps, but always with his own twist, he changed his name to The Reverend Lionel Freighthoppa and has spent the last three years performing rap sermons to other vagabonds while riding freight trains back and forth between The Dakotas and the pacific northwest. The tenets of his preachings mostly revolve around convincing people to follow his strict diet of canned sardines and browned apples, because, he says, “Niggaz need to give they pancreases a mahfuckin rest, yo.” Currently residing in Brooklyn with a fully rested pancreas, Pos can be found at local parks and recreational facilities giving unwarranted lectures on “how shit works and shit.” He and his dog, Dilla, have four children together that are, he claims, “half pitbull, half beast. I’m the beast part. Pussy-ass dog… I’ma get a falafel.”